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Questions and answers on registering and attendance

How can I register for the Shareholder Portal?

Register with the Shareholder Portal and order admission tickets, vote online, appoint proxy and give instructions. Access to the Shareholder Portal here

May only shareholders attend the Annual General Meeting?

The Annual General Meeting is the most important annual event of a joint stock corporation during which shareholders and company management exchange views with one another. Thus the AGM is primarily an event for the shareholders.

What does a shareholder do who has registered in time for the Annual General Meeting but did not receive an admission ticket?

A shareholder who registered in time and did not receive an admission ticket can still attend the Annual General Meeting. If the admission ticket was issued and just did not make it through the mail (in time) to the addressee, the shareholder is on the registration list. This can be checked at the information counter in the entrance area and, if necessary, a replacement admission ticket can be issued.

What should I do if I have received several invitations to the Annual General Meeting?

You have probably been registered by your bank or custodial bank more than once in the share register. Please contact the AGM Hotline. They will advise you how you can merge your share inventories with the help of your bank(s)/custodial bank(s).

What does a shareholder do who has not received an invitation to the Annual General Meeting?

The acquisition of the shares was either after the deadline for dispatch of the invitation letter or the invitation letter could not be delivered by mail. Please contact the AGM Hotline and ask for a new cover letter (or directly issue an admission ticket) and enter the new, correct address if necessary.

If the bank/custodial bank has not had the shareholder entered into the share register, the shareholder must contact his bank/custodial bank.

Can a shareholder bring someone with him/her, e.g. his/her spouse or adult daughter/son?

Of course the shareholder may do this. The best solution is to have an extra admission ticket issued for the accompanying person at the same time as his/her registration (proxy).

Can shareholders leave the Annual General Meeting for some time and then return later?

You can leave the Annual General Meeting temporarily through the exit counter. Presentation of the voting card pad authorizes re-admission.

Important dates

Please find important dates like the next Annual General Meeting and the publishing dates for the preliminary results and the Annual Report in our financial calendar more
Frequently asked questions

AGM Hotline

For further questions on the Annual General Meeting, please contact the AGM Hotline at
+49 6916 8870 704 from Mon-Fri, 9:00 to 17:00 CEST.

Questions and answers on organizational aspects

Information on travel and parking

Please note that travel to the Annual General Meeting and parking are at your own expense. The admission ticket / guest card does not include the use of public transportation. The “Rebstock” parking facility is closed. There will be no reimbursement of travel expenses and / or parking fees.
Information on travel and parking (PDF)

Duration of the Annual General Meeting

The length can not be predicted.

Which language will the Annual General Meeting be held in?

The Annual General Meeting will be held in German. For shareholders who do not speak German, headphones with radio receivers will be available in the lobby with which a simultaneous translation into English can be received in the Festhalle.


There will be a buffet with snacks and alcohol-free drinks available throughout the day.