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Questions and answers on registering and attendance

Show content of How can I participate in the virtual Annual General Meeting?

The entire Annual General Meeting will be broadcast live on the internet from 9:00 am (CEST) on May 27, 2021 at for shareholders and interested public viewers. The physical attendance of shareholders or their representatives (with the exception of proxies appointed by the Company) is not permitted at the location of the General Meeting.

Show content of How can I exercise my voting rights?

You can exercise your voting rights in any form you prefer:

  • You can take advantage of absentee voting or authorize an employee of Deutsche Bank AG (proxy) to cast your votes in accordance with your instructions.
  • Alternatively, you can have your voting rights exercised on your behalf by a representative of your choice, e.g. the intermediary where you hold your securities account or an association of shareholders. They, too, can then make use of absentee voting or proxy voting.
  • Our Shareholder Portal at provides you with a convenient and secure way to exercise your voting rights online through absentee voting or by authorizing our company proxies. If you register in time, you can cast and change your final votes on the Agenda Items online using the Shareholder Portal on the day of the Annual General Meeting until the voting rounds start.

The registration for absentee voting must be received by the company in writing or using electronic communication before the registration period expires, i.e. at the latest by May 21, 2021, 24:00 CEST (= 22:00 UTC) (date of receipt). For absentee voting in writing, please use the personalized registration form sent to you and return it to the following address:

Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft
Postfach 14 60
61365 Friedrichsdorf

In order to register for absentee voting and to submit your absentee ballot using electronic communication, please use the access-protected Shareholder Portal ( for this.

Show content of On what date do you have to hold Deutsche Bank shares to be entitled to vote?

In order to be entitled to vote, the shareholder must be entered in the share register on the day of the Annual General Meeting.

Show content of Can non-shareholders also follow the AGM?

The entire General Meeting will be broadcast live with audio and video via the Internet on May 27, 2021, starting at 09:00 CEST (= 07:00 UTC) at for shareholders and interested public viewers.

Show content of Can I submit a counterproposal at the Annual General Meeting?

The company’s shareholders may submit counterproposals to the proposals of the Management Board and/or Supervisory Board on specific Agenda Items and election proposals for the election of Supervisory Board members or auditors before the General Meeting.

Show content of How can I send a counterproposal?

Such proposals (with their reasons) and election proposals are to be sent solely to by Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 24:00 CEST (= 22:00 UTC), at the latest:

Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft
Investor Relations
60262 Frankfurt am Main
Telefax: +49 69 910 38591

Counterproposals should stipulate a reason; this does not apply to election proposals.

Show content of Where can I view any possible counterproposal?

The company’s shareholders are given the opportunity to announce counterproposals and election proposals to the company for publication on the company’s website before the General Meeting in accordance with §§ 126(1), 127 Stock Corporation Act. Deutsche Bank AG will publish any countermotions from shareholders on its Annual General Meeting website including the name of the shareholder.

Show content of Can I submit a statement for publication before the Annual General Meeting?

Shareholders will be given the opportunity to submit statements (limited to 10,000 characters) relating to the agenda of the General Meeting for publication by the company on the company’s website. It is requested that such statements, including the name and shareholder number, are submitted by 21 May 2021 12:00 noon (CEST).

Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft
Investor Relations
60262 Frankfurt am Main
by e-mail: or
by Fax +49 (0) 69-910-38591

The company does not undertake to publish submitted statements. For further details on how to submit comments for publication, please refer to our agenda at:

Show content of Can I provide a spoken comment during the Annual General Meeting?

The company plans to give shareholders and shareholder representatives the opportunity to make spoken comments during the General Meeting through live broadcast of audio and video within a prescribed, limited period of time and subject to the certainty of being able to end the General Meeting within a reasonable timeframe on the same day.

Spoken comments can only be provided by shareholders who have duly registered for the General Meeting. Shareholders who would like to provide spoken comments have to register separately using the button “Register to speak” in the Shareholder Portal. When registering for such spoken comments, shareholders must also declare their consent to the disclosure of their names by the Chair of the General Meeting in the audio and video broadcast of the General Meeting. The button “Register to speak” will be activated in the Shareholder Portal exclusively on the day before the General Meeting, i.e. on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST (= 08:00 to 10:00 UTC) for the registration of spoken comments.

It should be noted that there is no legal claim to be allowed to provide spoken comments and that the company reserves the right in particular to directly switch off the audio and video transmission when the comments have offensive content, content that could qualify as a criminal offence, obviously false or misleading content or content without any recognizable reference to the Agenda of the General Meeting. Spoken comments must be made in German.

For further details on the possibility of providing spoken comments during the Annual General Meeting, please refer to our agenda at:

Show content of Where do I submit my questions and by when?

Only shareholders duly registered for the General Meeting may submit their questions. Questions may only be submitted using the access-protected Shareholder Portal of the company (

The Management Board will decide in accordance with its duties at its own discretion how to answer the properly submitted questions. During the General Meeting, a shareholder who properly submitted his or her questions in advance will have the opportunity to place follow-up questions to a limited extent related to his/her own questions. The possibility to submit follow-up questions is limited per shareholder to two follow-up questions and a question length of in each case 500 characters (including spaces).

The company reserves the right not to allow follow-up questions, also those properly submitted, and not to answer them if the time required for answering the questions properly submitted in advance of the General Meeting does not allow this.

For more details on how to submit questions by electronic means, please refer to our agenda at:

Show content of Will my name be published?

In answering the questions during the General Meeting, the name of the questioner can only be disclosed (insofar as the questions are answered individually) if the consent to the disclosure of the name was explicitly stated upon the submission of the question. Please note that the entire General Meeting will be broadcast as described above live on the Internet for shareholders and interested public viewers without access restrictions.

Show content of In which language will the AGM be held?

The AGM will be held in German. A transmission with English translation will be available.

Show content of What should I do if I have received several invitations to the Annual General Meeting?

You have probably been registered by your bank or custodial bank more than once in the share register. Please contact the shareholder service. They will advise you how you can merge your share inventories with the help of your bank(s)/custodial bank(s).

Show content of What does a shareholder do who has not received an invitation to the Annual General Meeting?

The acquisition of the shares was either after the deadline for dispatch of the invitation letter or the invitation letter could not be delivered by mail. Please contact the shareholder service and ask for a new cover letter and enter the new, correct address if necessary.

If the bank/custodial bank has not had the shareholder entered into the share register, the shareholder must contact his bank/custodial bank.

Show content of Important dates

Please find important dates like the next Annual General Meeting and the publishing dates for the preliminary results and the Annual Report in our financial calendar.

Shareholder Service

For further questions on the Annual General Meeting, please contact the Shareholder Service at
+49 6916 8870 704 from Mon-Fri, 9:00 to 17:00 CEST.